Senior Executive Designer DaveL talks us through Nowathletes key design elements.

After working in management at Apple for 12 years, I developed a true appreciation for the power technology has in improving people's lives.

Thanks to the incredible advances in fabric technology, we have been able to integrate this power into every piece of apparel. Our goal is always to create designs with ultimate comfort and the highest performance imaginable.

Our philosophy based on constant improvement and evolution, from the inside out and the outside in. 

We carry this into our apparel development by utilizing the best technologies and fabrics for Athletes. So that they can find absolute comfort in their most extreme training sessions while enjoying the benefits of superior product quality.

We'll continue working our hardest to make every detail fit for perfection.

It is our commitment to continue to build NOW ATHLETES as much more than just a clothing brand. We are here to build something UNBREAKABLE.