1. NOWA APPAREL WELCOME KIT : our team will custom select an apparel kit that's fit for you, at no cost to you.

2. TELL YOUR STORY & SHARE YOUR MESSAGE : Get the opportunity to be featured in our upcoming YouTube Channel as well as exclusive interview clips.

3. CASH COMMISSIONS : Earn commissions on every purchase that uses your unique discount code.

4. EXTRA BONUSES : Earn cash bonuses in addition to commission when you reach each sales level.

5. GROW YOUR PRESENCE : Get recognized for the message and value you're brining to the world.

6. BUILD YOUR FOLLOWING : We love supporting our athletes and sharing your content as much as possible.

7. NOWA ATHLETE PORTAL : Your own portal to track the evolution of your commissions!

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1. Actively follow and support @nowathletes on Instagram & Tiktok.

2. CONTENT CREATION & POSTING AGREEMENT : comply with content creation and posting requirements agreed to in your contract.

3. Be active on your social media accounts.

4. Have a Fitness or Sports-oriented profile, with you as the main athlete.